About Us

The Star of Greece Cafe came into existence after an unexpected stint in hospital that coincided with a rather late mid-life crisis. I was wallowing around the house recuperating and waxing lyrical about coffee, coffee machines, my local barista over a couple of drinks with well-wishers, who were rapidly becoming wild-eyed, I became The Coffee Wanker. Something to do with a lot of noise, a cheeky red and not too much knowledge.

I abandoned a thirty year career in and around the book publishing industry to follow a new found passion for coffee and join a colleague in his coffee machine service business. The idea is to capitalize on my long if not necessarily inspired sales ability and co-opt another couple of old book boys who are now working in and on the web to launch www.coffeemachinesolutions.com.au into the twenty-first century. So I find myself as a website owner, blogger and coffee machine salesperson learning about a vibrant and rapidly changing industry that has more facets than the Hope Diamond. The old book boys tell me that there are people out there who want to read good quality information regarding all things coffee while enjoying a laugh my expense….well they certainly seem to want to enjoy the latter.

Here we go….