Coffee Culture In Australia

As it is known, coffee is our morning energy provider. Some of us can’t even start our day properly if we didn’t have our coffee. But there is more to know about this magical Australian Coffee Beans.

What is the history of coffee in Australia?

Most coffee drinkers would say that Australia is a minor provider when it comes to coffee. But little do they know about its history and what they have been through.

Everything started in 1880 when farmers thought that it would be a good idea to grow coffee beans. At first, this ‘ start-up industry ‘ was too expensive for Australia’s economics ( back in that day ), and it was hard to convince people to buy it. However, not even the upper classes thought it’s a good idea to exchange the taste of a cup of tea for coffee. They thought that drinking coffee is a step to rebellion.

And that’s how coffee was truly connected to working men and criminals.

What are the most popular coffee in Australia?

When we talk about coffee brands, you can expect to find the oldest ones in Australia. That coffee didn’t give up for more than 50 years and is still in the market place.

  • Dan Adan – maybe one of the oldest coffee brands in the world. It was first created in 1893 when many other countries not even heard about it. The brand has become well known for its single coffee blend and its two famous coffeehouses.
  • Coffee – this brand was created in the early 1950s’ and it’s still blooming today. This is the best way to get that authentic Australian coffee experience.
  • Aroma – a brand that is used abroad by many countries, without knowing from where it comes. Aroma was created in 1965 in Sydney. They managed to import the coffee beans from Brazil, Tanzania, and India- a process that makes Aroma a premium brand in Australia.
  • Belaroma – it’s the son of Aroma, created in 1968. Nowadays, they are specialized in many niches, such as teas and chocolate specialties.
  • Danes Coffee – a brand created in 1995 by a Danish woman that moved to Australia.
  • Di Bella – this brand is the youngest of all those mentioned above. It made its way through Australia in 2008 and became popular among addicted coffee drinkers.

What are the different types of coffee found in Australia and how they differ?

It seems like the early work of the farmers, made Australia a good provider for Arabica coffee beans, and its varieties.

  • Arabica – is considered to be the first species ever cultivated. When you taste Arabica coffee, you may feel a pleasant acidity and just a little drop of bitterness. That’s what makes Arabica a loved coffee.
  • Varieties of Arabica: Catuai – means ‘ very good ‘ from an old language. The taste you’ll get after drinking a Catuai coffee is sweetness.
  • Mundo Novo – a hybrid of Typica and Bourbon. The variety was first discovered in 1943 and its taste can be more bitter than the normal Arabica coffee beans.
  • K7 – it was first found in Tanzania ( the place where Australian farmers imported the coffee beans ). Nowadays it is used to cure some internal disease and it doesn’t have an excellent taste as an every morning cup of coffee.
  • SL6 – less known by the people. Along with K7, it was first found in Kenya and Tanzania and somehow didn’t manage to be loved by people. However, other similar varieties can be considered as the world’s famous: SL28 and SL34

What makes Australian Coffee different?

This can be a controversial discussion, considering that Australia is not a big coffee provider. But it’s much worth it to get an Australian coffee than an American one.

The main reason is that you will find a stronger coffee in Australia. Other countries may prefer brewed coffee, which is quick and simple to make. Australian coffee is espresso-based drip-style coffee, which makes it much stronger and enjoyable. Australians go for ‘ one and perfect ‘than Americans ( and other Europe’s countries ) who choose ‘ how much is needed, and cheap ‘.

It seems like, even there are not so many things to say about Australian coffee, they developed a coffee culture, where citizens have to enjoy their coffee to get a good start.