How Good Is the Coffee Grown In Australia

Coffee is the ultimate energizer for almost everyone in the world. Most people cannot get on with their everyday schedule if they do not get to have their coffee first thing in the morning. Coffee is widely consumed all across the world despite the climatic figures and temperature. But when it comes to Australia, the number of people you who consume coffee on an everyday basis is almost the entire population of Australia. Jokes apart, Australians are straight-up obsessed with coffee on a whole different level. To the point of declaring the Australian coffee the best in the world. Recent studies show that approximately 821.25 billion cups of coffee get drunk each year, approximately 2.25 billion cups each day. 

In fact, coffee made it in the list of widely consumed drink on number 3, marking water first and tea second. However, Australians are very peculiar and snobbish about the coffee that grows in Australia and surprisingly enough, they are actually proud of it. Due to the microclimatic conditions, the Australian coffee tends to be quite low in caffeine and has more of a chocolate flavor to it. Australia has now even become a major brewing and coffee bean roasting capital. 

The Australian coffee is known to be not just good but the best in the world. You will find Aussies favoring the local coffee beans and independent cafes more than Starbucks which is known to be an international brand that is pretty successful all across the world except Australia. Some of the best local coffee brands Australians consume on an average basis are;

1. North Queensland Gold Coffee

This coffee is the best local coffee in entire Australia, grown in Atherton Tablelands. The locals of this area are super satisfied with the NQG coffee. An Aussie named Bruno Maloberti purchased about 90 acres of land just outside of Mareeba where he grew tobacco however as time passed by, he found himself cultivating coffee and ever since it has gained a lot of popularity among the Australians living in the nearby regions. The NQ roasted Australian beans are sold in the Australian market on an immense level. 

2. Vittoria Oro Gold

Vittoria Oro Gold coffee beans are all about the sweetness of the coffee. It is hardly bitter and if made by the right person with the right skills, this coffee is very much loved in Australia, known as one of the best coffee beans in existence. The smoothness, crema, and aroma of this coffee are for the people who like their coffee not too strong.

3. Harris Black Label 

This is another brand that is quite popular among Australians even when it is cultivated and harvested in Ethiopia and Brazil. Harris is an Australian coffee brand that is now into existence for over a century. They are known for their Black Label no. 5 and carefully roasting each batch and freshly packing it for the Australian market. 

There are countless local coffee brands in Australia, all consumed on a daily basis by people with their own unique tastes out of which, these three are remarkably known. Australian coffee is one of a kind that you will not find anywhere else in the world.