Hi and welcome to the Star of Greece Cafe website.

So you’ve been all over the web and read all the paradoxical advice from all the coffee experts; selecting coffee machines, dreaming of coffee machines, cleaning coffee machines, servicing coffee machines, piloting coffee machines, sourcing coffee beans, grinding coffee beans, tamping the coffee, storing coffee, stretching milk….

And now you’ve arrived at the Coffee Wanker where you’ll get the non-expert view of the coffee machine service and sales industry and the sport of coffee making. All this delivered by a motley crew of contributors busily engaged in trying to re-invent themselves in this brave new world of espresso coffee. Here you’ll find tales and true from the coalface (maybe coffee-face?) while our intrepid band of coffee-others learns the basics, mostly the hard way!

professional coffee

We have built our service and sales organization around an expert group of professional coffee machine technicians beavering away in the workshop or driving all over southeast Queensland, quietly going about the business of restoring the sanity of desperate cafe owners and restaurateurs. They do all this and more while marveling at our constant ability to keep them amused with our enthusiastic efforts to tame the local coffee culture. From a sparkly purple coffee machine built with Sherman tank-like capabilities to an automatic tamping press that removes one more variable in the coffee-making process for the non-barista, we are always finding the unique, and the pitfalls that ensue. Passion for the coffee industry and passion for an ethical, service-based business underpin our whole operation while a genuine enjoyment of the processes and people has so far carried the day.

Come drink with us! Cogliere il caffè!